Forex megadroid


forex megadroid

File a case I have a problem with this company. Forex submitted for a refund since the robot does not work and they refuse saying its more than 60 days. The reason it is more than 60 days is because they did not reply to my original request for a refund and instead sent me email saying that it is a good robot. When I submitted a second time, they said it is now over 60 days. This is totally wrong. I have used Megadroid different time, each time finally lost money. There no such things automated robot make each time money. But when it goes wrong it can kills you!!! It megadroid not worth, my loss is way higher than my profit with this EA. It is dangerous, because it uses martingale, opens more trades with a higher lot megadroid you never know how much you are really risking. I could have bought a nice car with this lost! The claims on their website are spectacular and dramatic The actual performance I megadroid experienced is not. However, just refer back to their website quote above - and you will see no such excuses there. Period, The claims they make relative to reality forex despicable The claims and sales pitches y are forex qualified - they are absolute in nature. Do your own research and form your own opinion. Megadroid is just forex of time and money. I am not going to waste time on decribing abvious things of this makes 1 trade per month on average gains 10 pips max. Not enough to be worth your while! Hi, Version has been released! I received an e-mail notification of new version of MegaDroid team. I immediately forex an email to ask if there is news on the new version, here is the conversation: Hi, thanks so much for sending me the email, to inform me of the new version of Megadroid. I have a curiosity, What else is new in the new version? Often it will open blackberries, trades in the market? I had to abandon it for a while, never opened Because of megadroid orders. Contact ad sales Megadroid cases File a case Open Resolved Not guilty Guilty Add your review SORT BY Posting Date Rating SHOW Yes No Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. forex megadroid

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