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The perpetrator in the shooting at the baseball practice was a hard-left Bernie Sanders supporter who clearly wanted to kill Republicans. A favorite tactic of those on the left is to stir up violence and then blame it on the right. They see nothing wrong with this kind of lying. Anything, no matter how vile, may be used against their enemies. Pelley cherry picks his examples of violence, leaving out the vastly more numerous attacks by leftists. Also, on CNN, the former Editor of the New York Times, Jill Easy says the violence we are seeing is the product of Republican rage:. More at Legal Insurrection. A crewman on the Navy Destroyer wrote to his mother. She relates this much:. The ship is registered in the Philippines. We do not know who the owner is. The container ship neither had its running lights or transponder on. That is an action taken willfully. Furthermore, for the container ship to strike with such accuracy is troublesome. Given what some have done with cars in Europe, what a feather in the cap it would be to sink a U. My son missed being washed out to sea by the blink of an eye. He was on his way to one of the berthing areas that was rammed. Navy destroyer and a container ship to be reported. A coast guard official said Monday they are trying to find out what the crew of the Philippine-flagged ACX Crystal was pit before reporting the collision to authorities 50 minutes later. This is how the ACX Crystal changed course. Boy that looks suspicious. First, the freighter doubled back at speed and then altered course again just before the impact. Remember, this happened in easy weather, at night. There is no reason to believe visibility was impaired or anything of forex sort. The second course adjustment southward just before the impact looks even worse. Now that we have pit week or so of the daily Covfefe published here I think it is time that I should point out its purpose. First of all, I have now refined the title of this publication to indicate that it is a Covfefe Report. Stated most accurately it is a daily Covfefe aggregation graphic. As has been respectfully pointed out, these are news headlines that many people find annoying and would rather avoid. The Report is here to inform the reader of what is circulating in the MSM as of the morning of the particular publication. Because there are no hot links you will never be bogged down with pit details. You will be familiar with topics only. Then you can get your co-worker who is just dying to do so to tell you all about it. It is a word of historic nature and if we build up a library of publications that use the word Covfefe it may at some point drive some traffic this way. It takes time but eventually we may dominate Google search results for that word. The incitement and perpetuation of violence does go with that effort, as this is a Marxist Revolution after all. The Covfefe Report archives will become a museum to this journalistic propaganda effort. Years down the road looking back on all of this will be quite nostalgic. It requires very little commentary from me, other than to add a greeting, give the forecast and provide attribution to the medial outlets from which the Covfefe originated. It is said that a picture paints a thousand words so I use my snipping tool to capture pictures of new headlines and assemble them here in some kind of order. It only takes a few minutes to do with the exception of this particular publication and it communicates a lot about how the news day is going to go. I stick to true Covfefe, only Trump related articles. It illustrates the insanity of the media fixation quite clearly. Having it all up without a page break will make the ever expanding library easier to quickly scan during a website search. Over time the patterns in the propaganda effort become clear. It is also something that inspires me to get up every morning and say hello to the Real Revo before rushing off to work. It helps to get the day moving. Now that you know all that, lets get down to some Covfefe…. More below the fold…. The bodies of Seven Sailors from the U. Fitzgerald have been recovered. F Super Hornet shoots down Syrian SU The Syrian dropped some ordinance near coalition forces and shortly thereafter was blown out of the sky. Okay, the attack took place at The fact that this publication follows a publication about Bacon is purely coincidental. The inability to accept an opinion that differs is on display. Here are the details. Michelle Carter has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of her boyfriend Conrad Roy, ending a trial which captured national attention and raised profound questions about mental health, suicide and freedom of speech. Judge Lawrence Moniz issued the verdict Friday morning, ruling that verbally pressuring someone into suicide can be considered manslaughter in Massachusetts. Carter had waived her right to a jury trial and faces up to 20 years in prison. This girl is a contemptible human being. When her boyfriend was pumping carbon monoxide into his pickup to kill himself, he got sick and scared and got out. Via text, she commanded him to get back in and die. She ordered him to die. That is sick beyond words but was it manslaughter? I say the boyfriend was ultimately responsible for his own death. Is is bullying or harassment? Is it incitement to commit a crime? The boy ultimately killed himself. He did it by his hand. He made the decision. He is fully responsible. He should not be absolved of responsibility by charging an evil, rotten girl with a form of homicide. There are several crimes she could have been charged with other than manslaughter. Democrat operative James Devine. James Devine posted several messages on Facebook and Twitter following the Alexandra, Virginia, shooting of U. Steve Scalise and several others by a gunman with a history of violence and of making online rantings against Republican officials and their policies. Why is it a shock when things turn violent? Read it at the Daily Wire. This is what it looks like when a Democrat lies. Washington, DC — Judicial Watch today announced it sent Acting FBI Director Andrew G. The June 14 letter from Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton states:. As you are well aware, former FBI Director James Comey gave sworn testimony last week before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Among other things, Mr. Comey confirmed that, while in office, he created various memoranda regarding his meetings with President Trump. Comey also confirmed that, after his departure from the FBI, he provided at least some of these memoranda to a third party, Columbia Law School Professor Daniel Richman, for the purpose of leaking them to the press. Various media outlets now have reported that Professor Richman has provided these memoranda to the FBI. It is unclear whether he still retains copies of the memoranda. More at Judicial Watch. It was meant to. Hodgkinson took the call literally. The Washington Examiner notes how the left has gone violent — not just in the United States. Contrary to mainstream media expectations, the violence and threats come almost entirely from the political Left, not the Right. And there have been multiple violent threats and some actual violence against Republican House members. Welcome to the Friday Night Movie. Things are going very good for me right now in my personal life. On Wednesday morning things went a little dark for me. I was already getting there. I already had a publication in the works that reflects that. I might work on that some more if I can collect myself a little better. Wednesday pissed me off pretty bad. The movie we have tonight was selected strictly because of its name. Asked on Thursday by Rep. Mattis explained that because the threat from North Korea loomed so large and a military confrontation would destroy so much, he, President Donald Trump, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had all made a peaceful solution a top priority. More at Business Insider. Two questions have presented themselves to me in the last couple of years. First, a few years ago Congressman from south Pit, retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, lost his job because his Congressional district was eliminated due to redistricting. West, a Republican, and a no-BS swamp drainer was eliminated by the act of a Republican Governor. The Governor had responsibility and authority to do the redistricting. It made me wonder. The second has to do with the hiring of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate the possibility of wrong-doings by President Trump. Mueller was hired by Deouty Attorney General Robert Rosenstein. From the New York Times, May 17,there is this:. The decision by the deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, came after a cascade of damaging developments for Mr. Trump in recent days, including his abrupt dismissal of the F. Comey, and the subsequent disclosure that Mr. Comey to drop the investigation of his former national security adviser, Michael T. Rosenstein had been under escalating pressure from Democrats, and even some Republicans, to appoint a special counsel after he wrote a memo that the White House initially cited as the rationale for Mr. You may recall that Trump promised to drain said swamp and many became alarmed when he began to methodically fulfill his campaign promises. You see, swamp drainers are not welcome by the establishment. That establishment is saying they believe they can work with a President named Pence. Pence is a long-time politician. Trump is not and West was not. Simple, effective and enjoyably different. President Trump has officially reversed his easy pledge to deport the so-called Dreamers, undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as small children. The Department of Homeland Security announced late Thursday night that it would continue the Obama-era program intended to protect those immigrants from deportation and provide them work permits so they can find legal employment. Immigration rights activists, who have fiercely battled Mr. Deporting these people would have been difficult for his administration. As I said many times in the past, the Dreamers would never be deported. More at the NYT. The Covfefe Broadcast Service had the greatest quantity of low grade Covfefe this morning so we will start with them…. Home The Real Revo Off Topic Inner Circle Terms and Conditions of Use The Lost Bishop Photos Revoistas Help a Friend in Need Off Topic Threads Off Topic Threads Off Topic Threads Grenada: Rescued From Rape and Slavery Photos From the Liberation of Guam Preppers Vindicated The Dumbest Real Revo Thread Ever! Was The Ramming Of The USS Fitzgerald Intentional? Posted on June 19, by Jim She relates this much: My son is assigned to the USS Fitzgerald. I am unable to share forex rate with you. The information is short and not so sweet. The implications are disturbing. Yes, language is important. An escalation of hostilities in Syria Posted on June 19, by MadBrad. Manic Monday Covfefe Report Posted on June 19, by MadBrad. Now that you know all that, lets get down to some Covfefe… More below the fold…. Oh hear us when we cry to thee for those in peril on the sea Posted on June 18, by MadBrad. Another First in Syria Posted on June 18, by MadBrad. Terrorist Attack in London again Posted on June 18, by MadBrad. You can do this. A Course In Leftism. Posted on June 18, by Jim A boy lost his dad but his dad left him something to help him remember. Have you tried Forex He looks like a good dad. Michelle Carter found guilty of involuntary manslaughter Posted on June 17, by R. This Is Not How You Calm The Crazies Posted on June 17, by Jim Crickets Posted on June 17, by Jim Friday Night at the Movies Double Feature Posted on June 16, by MadBrad. Friday Night at the Movies Posted on June 16, by MadBrad. Things that Progressives think are funny Posted on June 16, by MadBrad. General Mattis Tries To Describe War With Norks To Congressman Posted on June 16, by Jim Some Answers Are Beginning To Materialize Posted on June 16, by Jim From the New York Times, May 17,there is this: Those crafty Czechs Posted on June 16, by MadBrad. Freaky Friday Covfefe Posted on June 16, by MadBrad. The Covfefe Broadcast Service had the greatest quantity of low grade Covfefe this morning so we will start with them… The Covfefe News Network is looking pretty weak this morning… We wrap up this edition with Forex. An escalation of hostilities in Syria Manic Monday Covfefe Report Oh hear us when we cry to thee for those in peril on the sea Revo Comments C. Matt on A Course In Leftism. Jim22 on A Course In Leftism. Walker on Off Topic Jim22 on Off Topic Jim22 on So, What Do You Think? Walker on Dennis Rodman in North Korea… Rich on Is libertarianism DOA? Rich on So, What Do You Think? Rich on Special counsel moves to obstruction investigation Rich on Dennis Rodman in North Korea… Rich on Dennis Rodman in North Korea… Rich on Congressional Baseball Game Live! Rich on Congressional Baseball Game Live! Rich on Bmans Bits: DIY Cat Bed Rich on Bmans Bits: Walker Jim22 easy MadBrad Bman Van-a-gram Revo Search Search for: Real Revo Survival Tips. The Real Revo on Facebook Real Revo Shirts and Stuff. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable

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