Market makers trading strategy


market makers trading strategy

Thanks for the post Saturday, May 9, Think Like A Market Maker. Hi guys, Many of you who know my style of trading for a while know makers sometimes i like to use "Think Outside The Box" trading strategies or techniques. So here's strategy more to put into your arsenal. A lot times, i like to spot stocks that are strategy strong intra day uptrends strategy this works for market timeframe by the way. As many of you know that market makers are notorious for taking out stops. Well, here'a good little techinque to take advatage of this kind event. You spot the a strong intra day uptrend and you just wait. If volume is very trading as the stock "breaks down" intra day then it might be time to Think Like Market Maker and look to go long! Posted by Stewie at 9: Newer Post Older Post Home. Lounging Around With My Lady If You Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail YOU BE THE JUDGE Bold Prediction and Gut Feeling The Art Of Trading Alerts Service Performance For Bullish Resilience Check Out This AWESOME Email I Got From One Of My Keep Your Eye On This Chart XLF: Big Market Coming Stocks To Watch READ THIS ONCE, TWICE, THREE TIMES! SAVE IT AND RE The NEED To Stay Mentally Positive Is VITAL The Art Of Trading Alerts Service Performance For Very Weak Bouce Bulls Hangin In There VIX Capitulation? Another Testimonial From The Art Of Trading Member Could This Be True? Possible Scenrio Setups To Watch Very Awkward Looking Corrective Action Art Of Trading Service Member Had This To Say: Trading House Market Steaks The Art Of Trading Alerts Service Trading For Today's Bounce SWING TRADERS: New Feature Added To The Art Of Tra The Beautiful Makers Stock PIcks Update Burgers Anyone!!! Two Solid Setups To Watch If The Bulls Keep Chargi Here's A Great Tip Think Like A Market Maker The Art Of Trading Alerts Service Performance For Short On This Strength Buy On This Dip Another Great Success Story Makers A Member OF The A Do Or Die Time Stocks To Watch VIX Breaks Support The Ultimate Bear Market Hurdle For the Bulls: Art Of Trading Reviews!! Join the ART OF TRADING Today!! Vote For This Blog! Welcome to t he 'ART OF TRADING' blog. This blog discusses my experiences and my style of trading. This blog and the ArtOfTrading. The trades, strategies, techniques that I discuss here and at the ArtOfTrading. You make your own trades. You are fully responsible for your trades. Ideas and opinions discussed on this blog, ArtOfTrading.

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